Into Paddling



Hey mate. Jared from yesterday. Thanks for your training yesterday. I did 12km today and just took it easy with the tips you gave me and focused on what you said and it had to be one of the best paddled I have done. Did it with such ease. And for the first time my shoulders did not kill after wards. I'll be hitting you up in three weeks for another session.

Jared Galway



Matt Pepper coaches with the touch of an high level coach.

After competing at a high level in the sport of rowing I chose to transition into the Sprint Kayak. Through this four month transition Matt has been pivotal in guiding me in the key aspects of this sport of kayaking. Without his guidance it would have taken a lot longer, to find technique and form.

In my experiences of GPS schoolboy 1st VIII coach, to state level coach, I knew the importance just how much one needs to know to get started in a technical sport. It was an instant conclusion, Matt's experience would pay dividends to a successful transition.

Matt's ability to "know where to tap", inevitably led to speed improvements.

Matt comes fully equip with the knowledge to set you up properly, along with the technical expertise to not only make you go faster, but to do it ergonomically to avoid injury.


Patrick McGlynn Dip Fit. Dip Mult-Med. BA Honors (Mult-Med)



You're never too old...

A photo taken of a couple of Woronora worthies doing a little extra training on Matt Pepper's machine prior to the first time trial last Sunday.

Matt brought the ERGO kayak trainer down to Swallow rock last Thursday and after a morning paddle, cups of tea and scones were done away with, we saddled up for a training run on the machine.

The ERGO trainer was very, very good. Matt's coaching tips certainly pointed out a lot of flaws in our varying "techniques".

I'm never going to do under thirty for our 5k net race, but I think that some coaching would improve technique and if nothing else, better technique may just avoid injury.



Warren Trick