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FENN BLUE-FIN Beginner - Entry Level

Fenn's most stable entry level surf ski. The Blue-Fin is designed to get the new paddler out on the water without having to spend a lot of time learning to balance. This ski is super stable, offering great surfing ability and enjoyment for the beginner paddler.

Length: 5.9m Width: 53cm

FENN XTBeginner - Intermediate

The Fenn XT has been Fenn's most popular surf ski for almost a decade. It is the perfect ski for the beginner to intermediate paddler, or those paddlers making the transition from a sea kayak or plastic craft to ocean skis. Less stable than the Blue-Fin yet similar in speed.

Length: 5.88m Width: 49cm


The Swordfish offers amazing downwind surfing ability, and is the next step up from the Blue-Fin and XT or for those looking for a new challenge and greater speed. The Swordfish easily picks up the runners similar to the more advanced skis but offers the paddlers more stability and therefore comfort in bigger conditions.

Length: 6.10m Width: 45cm

FENN SPARKAdvanced - Low Volume

Advanced ski for paddlers less than 80kg and 6ft in height. The Spark has less volume than the other advanced Fenn models, therefore suiting the smaller paddlers and allowing for easy control and moveability.

Length: 6.44m Width: 42.5cm


The original high performance racing ski with superior performance in all downwind conditions. The Fenn Elite has been a proven success in recent years as the best downwind surfing ski on the market.

Length: 6.44m Width: 43cm


The Elite SL (Slimline) was designed using the same characteristics of the Elite but with a narrower construction thus slightly less stable. Its agility and responsiveness has proven to be a winner amongst top end paddlers.

Length: 6.44m Width: 42.5cm


Fenn's latest model the "Elite Glide" has been designed based on the very successful Elite. With a reduction in rocker, this ski is fast on all conditions and retains its superior downwind surfing ability as the Elite. * Available only in Hybrid & Carbon construction

Length: 6.44m Width: 42.5cm