Into Paddling

All coaching -  bring along your own kayak / ski and  paddle. Payments are greatly appreciated prior to sessions.

( forming small groups ,special prices ,as listed below)


Initial introductory Lesson

A lesson / course  that will quickly pinpoint the problem areas and bad habits , and will give you corrective technical advice and drills.

Includes a theory section, 

Also your equipment will be checked for correct setup.  Includes land exercises and water work drills.You will be videoed and given technical stroke correction advice

Price: 1 person: $120 / group of 2: $90pp / group of 3: $70  / group of 4: $60 / Group of 5: $55 pp

Coaching - Regular Session

runs for approx 1 hr (depends on group size). Best if you attend the Initial Introductory Session or a theory session first. Coaching provides stroke correction, technical advice, drills and video analysis.

Price,1 person: $100 / group of 2: $75pp / group of 3: $60/group of 4: $50pp / group of 5: $40pp

Saturday Group Sessions. $35 per person

Ph 0404123452. For more info


Theory  Clinic -  How The  Elite Paddlers Do It

runs for approx  1 1/2  - 2 hrs

A step by step explanation of the basic theory fundamentals of the paddle stroke, includes videos, slides, demonstrations and drills.

Price: group  10 +   $40 pp /  or contact us for quote, depends on group size